Saturday, May 7, 2011

SHPE-NYC Member earns PMP Certification

Below is an excerpt from SHPE-NYC member Javier De Carlos, who has recently earned his PMP certification. Javier attended the SHPE National sponsored Management Growth Training (MGT) in 2010.

Every time I reach a new accomplishment I like to take a moment to think of the path that enabled me to achieve the goal. SHPE was the main catalyst in my PMP Certification. SHPE is comprised of excellent people and the best career fairs I've ever attended. I am a proud SHPE member since 2009, and have attended many of their high level professional development programs. I was accepted to attend the 2010 Management Growth Training, and  it was the most motivational course I have ever attended.

The PMP is not just a mandatory certification in some job positions, it is also the best way to protect the Project Manager profession. It demonstrates that you have the knowledge and required professional experience. In my case, my university degree and professional experience has been augmented by my PMP Certification, as I continue to navigate my career path.

Javier De Carlos

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