Saturday, January 29, 2011

Google 2011 Career Opportunities and Tech Talks

Below are two helpful resources for those of you who are interested in careers at Google, and also for those interested in attending technical talks to learn more about how the technology used at Google. - A post from the official Google blog describes numerous Google projects, and some insight on what a career at Google entails. - This monthly NYC meetup group hosts technical talks at the Google office downtown. A great opportunity to increase your skill set and network.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 SHPE-NYC Annual Toy Drive Distribution

Gifts gathered from the 2010 SHPE-NYC Annual Holiday Banquet were given out by 7 SHPE-NYC members to 70 children from kindergarten through 2nd grade at the Family Life Academy Charter School (FLACS) at West 170th Street, Bronx, NY. Learn more about FLACS and this donation here.

The event began with an introduction of the principal of the school and was followed by Danny Cardenas, past SHPE-NYC president, speaking to the parents and kids. Danny shared the history of SHPE as well as his own experiences studying engineering. Several SHPE-NYC members continued to share their own personal story, inspiring the parents and engaging the kids.

Finally the students lined up by grade in front of a table for each grade. SHPE-NYC members handed the gifts to each child as each approached the table during their turn. The children said thank you and all were so adorable.
FLACS was so generous to also give us a tour of the school accompanied by a history and education about that charter school.

Article submitted by Raul Salinas, Member Development Director