Sunday, December 19, 2010

SHPE-NYC Member Interview - Natalie Gil

Below is an interview with SHPE-NYC member Natalie Gil. If you would like to participate in a similar interview, simply send us an email at Thank you Natalie for participating and being such an active SHPE-NYC member. 

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m an IT Project Manager at Goldman Sachs. I love music and to explore new places all over the world. I’ve been a martial artist for more than 20 years and I hold a black belt in Karate-Do.

What was your SHPE undergraduate involvement?

None, since I studied abroad and I was related to local organizations. But I’m glad to know that SHPE is here to support undergrad students!

What advice would you offer current SHPE undergraduate student members and leaders?
Get involved. You don’t know where opportunities are. It can be an advice, access to events, job opportunities. Everything helps and SHPE members are eager to provide them.

How has your experience been as a SHPE-NYC professional member? Any favorite events, initiatives, or workshops?
I love the idea of “never is too early”. I mean, never is too early to engage a student in a STEM career. They just need to know that, what we do as engineers is great! Events reaching high school and college are the most inspiring for me.

How does SHPE-NYC play a role in your professional, career, and personal network development? 
As I mentioned, as soon as I get involved, I tried to generate opportunities for other members, because I found opportunities for me as well. I had wonderful conversations with students and senior people, and that gave me the sense that I reached the correct place. Advice can come from everywhere; we just need to be open to receive it. This is a win-win relationship. I got to know about the Future CIO competition through SHPE-NYC and my essay got selected so I got something great already!  

Care to share any general thoughts regarding SHPE, ideas, or vision for the organization and yourself? 
I think SHPE-NYC is in a stage that can reach a wider audience, even a very young audience to engage them. I see it as an organization with an advanced level of maturity. That generates SHPE-NYC a challenge because we all need to maintain it performing good and improving.
My personal focus is in Latinas development. Being a “minority among a minority” is hard, and harder if you don’t have support from some fellows. I shared some of my thoughts here:
Feel free to contact me here:
Have a great holiday season!

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