Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SHPE-NYC participates in the Stony Brook University SHPE Professional and Chapter Development Workshop

On Wednesday, October 13th, the Stony Brook University SHPE chapter hosted its Mock Interviews day. SHPE-NYC had 2 professionals attend to help in the training of the students, and they were joined by 10 other professionals who consisted of Stony Brook alumni and other supporters. There were almost 60 students present at the event ready to learn interviewing skills in preparation to for the SHPE conference as well as the campus wide recruitment season.

The event was kicked-off by a 15 minute introductory presentation from Ms. Andrea Lipack from the university's Career Center who outlined the purpose of an interview and common do's and don'ts. The professionals and students then spent the next 2 hours doing "60 second elevator pitches" and 15 minute interview trainings. Students walked out saying they had learned a lot, and some professionals will be meeting with some students outside the event to continue discussions.

The chapter continued its professional development training with a chapter leadership retreat on Sunday, October 17th. The retreat hosted for the executive and extended board focused on various team building exercises guided by one of our very own SHPE-NYC members. This retreat started two years ago, and the chapter has continued the tradition every Fall and Spring semester, continuing to build on these concepts and learning about team dynamics.

During the retreat, the board members were asked to partake in competitive games and generate discussion revolving leadership topics and other aspects of being part of a team. In addition, members were asked to talk about their own personal experiences which have shaped their abilities to interact with others in a team, and identify their strengths and weaknesses when working in a team. Finally, they addressed their own team issues and developed strategies to go about resolving them in the coming year. Overall, it was a very productive discussion and a successful retreat.

Article written by Cindy Leiton, SHPE-NYC.

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