Thursday, July 1, 2010

SHPE Management Growth Training (MGT) 2010

Each year the SHPE organization offers an intense, week long Management Growth Training (MGT) institute to SHPE members who apply. This year, a record high 66 applications were submitted, and a total of 35 were invited to attend. The SHPE-NYC organization is very proud to say that 8 of our very own members were invited to attend. The primary focus of MGT this year was preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, where attendees earned all 35 credit hours required to take the PMP certification exam. This event was hosted by Hewlett Packard, and cost an attendee only a $200 registration fee, while the course itself was valued at $4500.  Here is what some of the SHPE-NYC attendees had to say about MGT:

“The MGT has been the most enhancive training I've ever had. The attendants were very active and thanks to Phil and Barry Cordero's great job, the class was very dynamic.” “  ~Javier De Carlos Olazabal

“It was a very intense week, but very rewarding.  An experience I will cherish for a long time.” ~Yajaira Arvelo

The PMP material was well-presented by Phil from Praizion Media.  Barry Cordero also presented a workshop about achieving your goals and setting a personal mission statement.” ~David Solis

In deepest gratitude, thank you for providing the medium in which to invest 5 days in my professional growth!!!  It is truly priceless how you have empowered me to rise to the next level in my career!” ~Dora Maria Abreu

MGT is an intense and accelerated week of training. The attendees were given assignments prior to attending for preparation, and additional materials throughout the week. For future MGT 2011 applicants that are accepted, SHPE-NYC would like to host an “MGT Alumni” event, allowing future atttendees an opportunity to hear the experiences and advice of prior participants. MGT is held in the month of May, and the application procedure for MGT 2011 should start in the March/April 2011 timeframe. The MGT brochure is available for download here. For additional information or questions regarding MGT, you can contact SHPE-NYC at

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