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Request for Nominations - 2009/2010 SHPE-NYC Executive Board



With the SHPE 2008-2009 year coming to an end we look back at a year of many accomplishments.  We would like to invite you to build on this success and join a chapter that is as strong as ever.  Submit your request for nomination today!  The benefits are limitless!


If you are curious as to how you can be part of this team, join our weekly calls, they occur every Friday – 12:00pm-1:00pm. Contact us via for dial-in instructions.


SHPE Leadership Benefits Includes:


·         Impressive addition to your resume

·         Develop leadership skills you will not get elsewhere

·         Recognition by your company, managers and peers

·         Network with peers and share experiences and expertise across similar projects.

·         Opportunity to attend National and Regional conference as a SHPE-NYC representative

·         Contribute to the growth of the SHPE-NYC Chapter

·         Opportunity to create a satellite chapter on Long Island

·         Support the SHPE mission - make a real difference

·         Have fun and make new friendships that will last you a lifetime.


Nominations are now being accepted for all executive board positions.

The Deadline for nominations is Friday, July 3rd, 2009. 

You do not need to be a SHPE-NYC member to submit a nomination.
Please email us at to submit a name for the official ballot. 

Next year we are looking to increase our representation on Long Island by creating a satellite chapter, if you’re interested in joining this initiative, please let us know! A seat on the Executive Board is not required, but will be working closely with us!


SHPE-NYC 2008-2009 Executive Board





  • Represents SHPE-NYC and is responsible for all business concerning the chapter in all functions and activities under the direction of the Chapter
  • Works with the rest of the e-board to organize events, direct weekly e-board status calls, e-board retreat planning and speaks during events on behalf of the Chapter
  • Creates and/or dissolves ad hoc committees, co-signs all disbursements with the Finance VP over $100
  • Represents the Chapter on the Regional Counsel (including attending monthly regional calls)
  • Oversees and arranges election activities
  • Assists and guides the Event Manager (EM) in all events


External VP

  • Assists the President in all business concerning the Chapter and shall act as president pro tem in the president’s absence
  • Responsible for all external business / activities and engages new corporate contacts with the end goal of expanding the Chapter’s corporate partners
  • Works with the President to seek funding for operational expenses and events
  • Oversees activities handled by both the Corporate Relations and Professional Outreach Directors
  • Leads the committee to generate the End of Year Report (EOYR)
  • Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


Internal VP

  • Assists the President and External VP in all business concerning the Chapter and shall act as president pro tem in the absence of the president and External VP
  • Responsible for all internal business / activities including owning membership growth goals
  • Drives for new membership and membership renewals in conjunction with the Member Development Director, with a focus on new members
  • Cultivates relationships with perspective members
  • Ensures proper communication with the fellow SHPE professional chapters
  • Oversees activities handled by both the Member Development and University Relations Director
  • Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


Executive Relations VP

  • Creates and cultivates a new tier of SHPE-NYC membership directed at executive level professionals
  • Seeks out executives to act as speakers or join as executive members
  • Oversees activities handled by Community Outreach Director
  • Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


Finance VP

  • Maintains a budget and record of all chapter transactions
  • Reports monthly financial statements to the Executive Board
  • Provides expense / revenue data after every event
  • Ensures reimbursement for all expenses in a timely manner
  • Ensures our 501(c)3 states is in good standing with the IRS and New York State
  • Oversees activities handled by SHPE Junior Chapter Director
  • Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


Communications VP

  • Maintains minutes and action items for both executive board and general meetings, and publishes them within two business days
  • Central point of distribution for official chapter information including SHPE-NYC events and any information the Board wishes to inform its members
  • Ensures the general promotion of events by driving the creation of event flyers and updating the website with said content
  • Drives the creation of the quarterly newsletter
  • Collects the RSVP data and supplies it to the EM
  • Ensures any e-mail sent to RSVP list is answered within 2 business days
  • Oversees activities handled by Marketing and Technology Director
  • Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


Corporate Relations Director

  • Works with the External VP to maintain and cultivate existing corporate partner relations (External VP focuses on new relationships)
  • Assists the Professional Outreach director as needed
  • Creates the corporate sponsorship package
  • Assists the External VP with fundraising initiatives
  • Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


Professional Outreach Director

  • Creates, maintains, and cultivates new and existing relationships with sister organizations
  • Identifies the benefits for the Chapter in establishing said partnerships
  • Drives for the creation of joint events and owns all logistics tasked to the Chapter
  • Assists the Corporate Relations Director as needed
  • Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


Member Development Director

  • Ensures current and prospective SHPE-NYC members see the value in their membership
  • Leads in the creation of leadership and professional development events
  • Ensures chapter growth by driving for membership renewal and escalating member trends and concerns
  • Keeps track of official membership roster ensuring OneSHPE correctly reflects current members and accurate membership status
  • Tracks membership participation and escalates any observed trends
  • Keeps log of onsite attendance and stores for historical purposes
  • Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


University Relations Director

  • Ensures all student chapters see the value of SHPE-NYC by partaking in student events
  • Ensures open lines of communication between the Chapter, student chapters, and their advisors
  • Provides guidance and resource support for struggling chapters
  • Fosters communication between strong and struggling chapters with the end goal of information exchange and the replication of proven processes
  • Hosts student focused events
  • Works with the Sub-RSR to ensure student chapters intercommunicate
  • Ensures graduating seniors seamlessly integrate and join SHPE-NYC
  • Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


Community Outreach Director

  • Establishes a line of communication between the Latino Community and the Chapter
  • Promotes engineering and science fields to the Latino Community with an emphasis on education
  • Ensures the Chapter participates in local high school and college level events / competitions promoting STEM careers to the community and youth
  • Ensures the Chapter participates in community based events to improve our city
  • Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


Pre-College Relations Director

·         Develop and lead pre-college STEM Initiatives for SHPE-NYC

·         Represent SHPE-NYC in collaboration efforts with partners in the pre-college STEM space

·         Promote pre-college STEM initiatives with the goal of expanding the SHPE membership pipeline

·         Ensures the success of the SHPE Junior Chapter(s) by being a resource and tapping into the Chapter as needed for assistance

·         Ensures SHPE Junior Chapter(s) sees the value in SHPE membership by providing speakers and mentors

·         Ensures SHPE Junior members understand the benefits of a STEM based career

·         Ensures compliance of all SHPE Junior chapters with AHETEMS guidelines

·         Event Manager (EM) of events throughout the fiscal year


Technology Director

  • Ensures the website is up-to-date at all times
  • Ensures the website is easily navigable with tools to effectively communicate our event schedule and services
  • Works with the rest of the board to generate content for the website
  • Ensures the Chapter uses cutting edge technology and leverages web based tools and social networks to communicate events and keep our members informed


Marketing Director

  • Creates all media / marketing material including event flyers by working with the Communications VP and Event Manager (EM)
  • Ensures all material printed or web based appropriately displays our logo and ensures consistent branding for all material
  • Works with the External and Communication VPs to market our branding and services via media outlets (web, printed, radio, etc…)




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